One of the most important archeological sites in the prefecture are Filipi,which played an important role in the district of eastern Macedonia. The Area of Filippi was first inhabited during the Neolithic Times, a fact that has been proven due to a small Village found 2km East of the Town of Filippi .In October 42 BC the area became famous worldwide. Due to a Major battle that took place outside the city walls. The Romans inhabited the area and transformed it to a proper roman Town.

A testament of the great filippian era is the Ancient theatre, one of the biggest of  its times built on the hills of the Acropole around 356BC. As far as the town’s interesting historial  spot is the forum: a square floored with marble tiles. It is surrounded by buildings and temples. The commercial market that was built under roman era became a big commercial spot of the town.

The statues and Honory monuments that exist here show us how busy was the area of the market those times.

In A.D. 49 or 50 Apostle Paul he preached for the first time in European soil and baptized Lydia in the River Zigati situated to the west of the City he was arrested with Sila and due to an earthquake caused, the prison opened and the Jailer became one of the first Christians in Europe.